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When the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recommended the initiation of treatment for HIV patients with T-cell counts of 500 or less, Gilead Sciences turned to RIESTER RX to create a national treatment initiation campaign. RIESTER RX responded with a personalized campaign that empathized and inspired priority populations through the stories of real HIV patients.

The “Portraits” campaign was one of three executions that encouraged audiences to seek information via dialogue with their HCP (or website) about starting HIV treatment sooner. Creative featured those living with HIV alongside members of their support system, including spouses/partners, relatives and close friends. These individuals gave their voice to the campaign, sharing words of encouragement and pride, to foster empathy and reshape conversations surrounding the impact of HIV.

Creative assets worked to empathize, connect with and rally together priority populations, to successfully demonstrate how early treatment can now maintain a healthier lifestyle with fewer side effects.

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