Breaking Down Disease Education Through Simplified Chalk Talk

Receiving a medical diagnosis is difficult for most people, but when one is diagnosed with a rare disease or condition1 anxiety, fear and lack of information compound into an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Sickle cell disease is such a rare disease impacting primarily people of color.  The condition has received little attention from the pharmaceutical industry until recently and minorities have struggled to manage their often short lives.

Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT), a long-time client of RIESTER RX, is dedicated to addressing sickle cell disease by pursuing treatment options, and providing information and support for those it affects. On behalf of GBT, RIESTER RX developed and produced a video explaining the mechanism of sickle cell disease in its simplest form. The video features a 12-year old boy, Will, who explains what sickle cell is and how it affects those living with it. 

The purpose of the video was to explain sickle cell disease in its simplest form; simple enough for even a child to be able to understand it. Combining a young narrator with custom chalk illustrations by a member of the RIESTER RX team, the video makes understanding sickle cell a bit easier. In addition to helping dissolve the terminology gap that can exist between patients and healthcare providers, the video is a tool for general education. Since its release in September 2021, the video has received incredibly positive feedback from the community and key stakeholders including community-based organizations whose main mission is to drive education and provide resources and support to those living with sickle cell.

On the coattails of the first video’s success, RIESTER RX developed a sequel video that utilizes a similar approach to explain and educate on more refined disease messaging. Understanding red blood cell health and the importance of oxygen delivery can be instrumental to leading a better life with sickle cell disease and the second video focuses on just that. Simplifying the concept to the extent of reflecting a red blood cell as a little red sports car continues to build educational simplicity that is unmatched in the space. 

RIESTER RX provides value to its clients by developing content that creates true impact. We are constantly seeking unique and thoughtful ways to communicate and drive results for our clients and impacted patients. Providing meaningful solutions that address unmet needs within the healthcare and pharmaceutical space remains a key focus of RIESTER RX.


1 Defined in the US as a disease that affects fewer than 200,000 people